Bray Wyatt, a three-time world champion in WWE, has passed away at the age of 36.

Bray Wyatt, a three-time world champion in WWE, has passed away at the age of 36.

The wrestler had been facing undisclosed health challenges, which had kept him away from the ring since February. However, his family described his death as unexpected.

WWE’s content officer, Triple H, shared the news on social media, expressing that Wyatt, whose real name was Windham Rotunda, had passed away unexpectedly.

Even Dwayne Johnson, known as The Rock, paid his respects to the wrestling star. Johnson, in a post on the platform formerly known as Twitter, expressed his heartbreak and the profound respect and admiration he had always held for Wyatt. He praised Wyatt’s unique character, his engaging promos, in-ring performances, and his connection with the WWE universe.

Mick Foley, a WWE commentator, also added his sentiments, highlighting Wyatt’s visionary presence and his remarkable impact on wrestling.

Bray Wyatt hailed from a wrestling lineage, with his grandfather Blackjack Mulligan, father Mike Rotunda, and younger brother Bo Dallas all being part of the wrestling world.

Mike Rotunda, known as IRS due to his persona as a tax collector, was a wrestling legend in his own right, often playing the role of a tax collector from Washington DC, targeting wrestlers and fans as “tax cheats.”

Born on May 23, 1987, in Brooksville, Florida, Wyatt’s journey included becoming a state wrestling champion in high school and earning a football scholarship to Troy University. However, he left his studies before completing them to pursue a career in professional wrestling. His professional debut was in 2009, and he fought under various monikers such as Husky Harris, Alex Rotunda, Duke Rotundo, and The Fiend.

As Bray Wyatt, he became known as the enigmatic leader of a cult faction named The Wyatt Family, which included wrestlers like Erick Rowan, Braun Strowman, and the late Luke Harper (also known as Brodie Lee).

Following his release from WWE in 2021, Wyatt made a much-anticipated comeback at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view event in October of the same year, unveiling a revamped version of his character.

Despite battling illness and undergoing a hiatus of several months, Wyatt was on the verge of returning to WWE before his untimely passing, as reported by Wrestling News.

In the previous year, Wyatt broke character to discuss his struggles with mental health, revealing the depth of his challenges and the losses he had experienced.

Triple H, whose real name is Paul Levesque, shared that he was informed of Rotunda’s passing by Rotunda’s father, WWE Hall of Famer Mike Rotunda. Triple H conveyed his condolences and urged everyone to respect the family’s privacy during this difficult time.

Wrestling journalist Sean Ross Sapp later revealed that Wyatt’s death was attributed to a heart attack, potentially exacerbated by a prior encounter with COVID-19 that worsened preexisting heart conditions. Sapp mentioned that Wyatt had been making positive strides toward recovery and a potential return before the tragic incident.

Bray Wyatt leaves behind his fiancée and former WWE ring announcer, Joseann Offerman, their four children, his brother Bo Dallas (Taylor Rotunda), and sister Mika as survivors.

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